Hi there.
We take pride not just in our craft but also in the range of diverse backgrounds, voices, and cultures on our team.
Our team previously co-founded Napster, built and sold several startups and held leadership positions at large tech companies.

Augment is a remote-friendly company headquartered in Seattle.
Image of Jordan Ritter smiling with trees in the background.
Jordan Ritter
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Jordan is our Chief Builder - He's either building industry changing companies or entire houses with his bare hands.
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Matt Kirk
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Head of AI
Matt's the one who loves taking things apart and putting them back together. He enjoys finding challenging problems like using AI to help humans perform better and figuring out how to make the dream a reality. When he's not programming or diagramming, you'll find him hanging out with his kid or meditating in the woods.
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Daniel Cintra
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Dan's our international man of mystery. When he's not building product we're mostly guessing where in the world he might be.
Image of Ziyun Tie smiling with a stone wall in the background.
Ziyun Tie
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UX Researcher
Ziyun’s passion and background are in all things research - UX research, social psych research, neuropsych research - you name it. When she is not writing analysis or interviewing people, she enjoys watching crime series, picnics in parks, and reading.
Image of Saurav Pahadia smiling with trees in the background.
Saurav Pahadia
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Saurav's our diamond drill bit - he'll take on any challenge and dive right in. If he's not writing code, you'll find him running the basketball courts, calculating chess moves, or traveling across the US.
Image of Yan Grinshtein smiling with a white wall in the background.
Yan Grinshtein
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When Yan is not evangelizing for the design team or strategizing the next iteration of the product, he is mentoring aspiring designers. He also sponsors designers, through his project Design Education Fund for Immigrant Designers.
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Ionut Constantin
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Senior Software Engineer
Ionut is a tech generalist at heart, believing that knowledge should be broad and deep, rather than confined to one particular area. When he’s not learning about tech, he loves to travel with his family, watch crime/detective shows and get lost in a good book.
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Snigdha Goel
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MAchine Learning ENGINEER
Snigdha is an ambitious problem-solver with a knack for creating inventive solutions to complex software engineering challenges. When she’s not coding, she likes to explore her creative side with photography, as well as stay active with outdoor activities.
Image of Hussein Dimessi smiling with headphones on, sitting in a hammock, with trees in the background.
Hussein Dimessi
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Senior Software Engineer
Hussein’s our hardcore software developer. When he’s not in the terminal, he’s teaching others how to code or probably just printing computer memes on t-shirts.
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Jaquell Chandler
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CuStomer CARe MAnager
Jaquell is our heart & soul. His spirited charisma and genuine concern for people is felt in every interaction—in-person or virtually. When he’s not expressing his love for our team, he’s running his photography business, helping to “Bring Your Vision to Life!” Did we mention that contagious smile?
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