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What people say about Augment

Phil B
Phil B

Founder at Positive Sparks

“I’ve tried quite a few AI tools…The first thing I noticed is how good [Augment] transcribes meetings. [Augment is] much further ahead than most of the tools that are trying to do something similar.”

Gabriel A
Gabriel A

Engineering Leader

“It feels so comforting to not have to take notes during the meetings and know that I can find anything.”


Chief of Operations

“Augment does such a better job than a basic email search in Google to find important docs. Once it summarizes and finds things, it shows the links on the right and now that they are clickable…Love that part.”

Travis M
Travis M

General Manager US at Sonus PR

“I asked Augment to provide an abstract/summary for a blog from a headline I had written. Augment created a very nice and accurate summary on the left and then had the sources on the right. These were all websites I had visited that talked about these topics…I was super surprised and delighted to see that it uses my digital brain.”

Anuj P
Anuj P

Business Operations at Tonic.Ai

“I like that I don’t have a separate AI assistant for each application I use.”

Ben N
Ben N

Chief Product & Technology Officer at HappyCo

“Getting a list of follow-ups of like, hey, what do I need to do today, based on my schedule from yesterday? Or what follow up emails do I need to send? Who do I need to contact? What was that thing that I committed to do?…like those sorts of pieces have been really helpful in adding value.”

Why use Augment

Stop prompting for generic, unsatisfying responses.
Start getting personalized help, right when you need it most.

Stop Forgetting

Perfectly recall and summarize anything you’ve seen, said, or heard so you never forget another critical detail.


ChatGPT knows about the world but not about you. Augment learns and adapts to how you interact with the world.

Don’t Change, Just Augment

Augment automatically captures important moments so you can stay focused on the work ahead.

Always By Your Side

Augment adapts to your workflow across all meeting platforms and applications without integrations.

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Your mind expanded

Augment lets you be the most productive version of yourself.

Come prepared,
be present &
never drop the ball.

Know who you’re meeting with, what you talked about last, and get a summary of what you just covered.

Cut to
the chase.

The important stuff, without any filler. Summarize and gather insights about whatever you’re looking at.

Type less. Save time. Keep tone.

A writing assistant who understands the nuances of your tone. Augment can adapt to write to your team or your friend.

You own your data

Everything stays private between you & your Augment.

Always encrypted

Your data is encrypted at all times using industry-standard encryption.

Enterprise-level security

We are SOC2 Type 2 certified and GDPR & CCPA compliant.

Private & Secure

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Be the best version of you

AI based on your own personal context. Your unique relationships, content, preferences, and history.

Stay in the flow

Augment isn’t a destination you have to go to but rather an assistant that augments all the apps you love and use on a daily basis.

And we didn't stop there..

Speaker Detection
Speaker Detection
Reference Anything
Reference Anything
Answers Only You'd Know
Answers Only You'd Know
AI-Powered Highlighter
AI-Powered Highlighter


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