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The future of productivity has arrived.
Meet the AI assistant that actually gets things done for you.
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Preview of Augment with a play button. Push to play a video highlighting Augment's functionality.
Putting Artificial Intelligence to work for you.
Augment is a first-of-its-kind context-aware AI, dedicated to helping you excel through your hectic work day, freeing up time for you to do the things you love. It learns your needs and provides you with the type of support that we used to only dream about.
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Move over, Siri and Alexa:
Here’s a wildly ambitious new AI assistant.

The service seems incredibly intriguing—and absolutely packed with productivity-boosting potential.
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Augment’s personal AI assistant could help you keep track of a scattered digital life.

We can’t all have a PA to keep track for us, but hopes that a PAI, if you will, might be the next best thing.
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Stealthy AI2 spinout led by Napster co-founder unveils AI-powered sidekick.

The company aims to leverage AI to provide a tool that will function as a software-powered secretary to professionals.
Solving for the Meeting Jammed Life... first.
Augment is creating the future of productivity, and our first step is solving for the Meeting Jammed Life.

No more being caught off guard by another calendar alert because of back-to-back meetings, wasting time trying to dig for context, or struggling to take notes. Your Augment tells you everything you need to know about the meeting, including what led up to it; takes notes; captures the presentation materials, and summarizes it all for you afterward. It’s AI that actually works for you as a true ear-whispering, task-doing assistant.
Get things done.
The more your Augment learns about you, the more it can help. From note-taking to pulling up action items, your Augment handles the tedious work.
Preview of Augment showing how your Augment can help you do anything from taking notes to recalling files.
Preview of Augment being ready to help in your favorite productivity tools like Zoom, Gcal, and Google search.
Always ready to help.
Your Augment understands your context, so it is always there when you need it - one click away from elevating you.
Find anything, forget nothing.
Augment gives you perfect memory. No need to figure out if someone sent you a document via email, slack message or text, or remember where things you’ve seen are located. If it's been on your screen, your Augment can recall it.
Preview of Augment's ability to help you recall anything that has been on your screen.
Logos of Augments integrations, including Gcal, GMeet, GMail, Zoom, Figma, Sheets, Outlook, Notion, Notes, Salesforce, Evernote, Trello, and more.
Whatever works for you.
Augment adapts to your workflow, elevating the apps or devices you already use and love. No need to change the way you work: just Augment.
What is Augment?
augment /ôɡˈment/: to expand, to elevate, to make greater by adding to it.
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Private and Secure
You are always in control of your data and we will never sell it. Everything we do will always be with, never without your permission, in a safe and secure way with our enterprise-grade security & privacy infrastructure. 
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Drop-Dead Gorgeous
Design and aesthetic is a core part of our product philosophy and not something we’ll compromise on.
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Your Perfect Assistant
Interactive assistants called Augments are built on the AI to remember for you, anticipate your needs, and get things done for you in the apps you know and love.

Meeting and Memory Augment are just the beginning. More coming soon.
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Designed for MacOS
Launching on the Apple ecosystem first; Windows and Android support to come in the near future.
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Custom for You
Augment is a first-of-its-kind context-aware AI that learns who and what's important to you. Your Augment knows how you like to work, becoming an extension of you and enabling you to be the most efficient version of yourself.
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Making Meetings Easier
Our first featured Augment is Meeting Augment, for those living meeting jammed lives. Meeting Augment gives you time back by enabling you to work smarter and get more done.
Remember, anticipate & get things done.
Right within your workflows.
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