What is Augment?
augment /ôɡˈment/: to expand, to elevate, to make greater by adding to it.
Augment amplifies productivity and simplifies lives through a first-of-its-kind context-aware AI. It learns who and what's important to you, and how you like to work, in order to make you smarter and more productive. It becomes an extension of you, enabling you to be the most efficient version of yourself.

Interactive assistants called Augments are built on top of the AI, and collectively remember for you, anticipate what you need when you need it, and get things done for you, all alongside the apps you know and love.

Our first featured Augments - of many to come (soon) - are Meeting Augment and Memory Augment.
Meeting Augment
Always be prepared.

Meeting Augment is for those living Meeting Jammed Lives. So many don't have enough time to do all the high-value things they want to do - Meeting Augment gives them back their time, enabling them to work smarter and get more done.
Preview of Memory Augment allowing you to recall any item that has been on your screen such as documents, notes, and more.
Memory Augment
Remember what matters.

Within seconds you can recall anything that’s ever been on your screen. Whether it was something you’ve seen on a document, website, message, email, or pretty much anywhere: your Augment can remember for you and give you a leg up.
Born in the AI2 Incubator
Augment (AI Corp) is a spin-out of Paul Allen’s AI2 Incubator with a rich history of AI successes (XNOR, Kitt.ai, WellSaid, Ozette, Unwrap.AI, Lexion, Yoodli).
Ai2 Incubator logo shown alongside an image of the Ai2 offices. People are working at desks with large windows in the background.
Meeting Augment and Memory Augment are available now, request an invite today.
Remember, anticipate & get things done.
Right within your workflows.
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